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New Google Street View Camera?

March 9, 2010
While in San Francisco we came across an unmarked Google Prius with a nontraditional street view camera. Is this Google's new street view technology or a condensed version of their traditional street view camera?

New Rig?

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Traditional Rig

2 Traditional street view photo from  Flickr user:  newbrigand

DSLR 1FPS Interval Timelapse

February 14, 2010
Timelapses has always been my passion but it seems I never shoot enough. My timelapse emptiness is about to change. I recently ordered an interval remote and immediately drove to the Sacramento River to shoot a couple experimental clips. I shot at 1fps, batch processed the photos through Lighroom, and complied a 24fps timeline. The outcome from the quick experiment is above. I am currently in the process of building a new timelapse rig for a few upcoming sunset, stars, and moon adventures in the Sierra Nevada Mountains and Northern-California Valley. Behind the scenes photos and clips from the shoots will be posted. As always, I am open for collaboration and if you want to join a shoot lets set-up a trip.
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