The iPad is the ultimate business mobile product. Even before Apple launched the iPad, critics and industry analysts came up with terms like “netbook killer” and “Kindle killer”. Now five days old, the critics and industry analysts were correct, with most of the features and apps focusing primarily as an entertainment and media platform for consumers interested in social networking, ebooks, magazines and newspapers, portable media, and games. But the greatest benefits and opportunities for the iPad is for businesses with the ability to pitch ideas without having to carry around a laptop or notebook, instant access to files and apps, accept sales and credit cards, and even remote computer access to edit video.

Top five reasons the iPad is ideal for business

1. Ability to quickly present pitch ideas, ruff-cuts, and website comps in small meetings
2. Size / comfort
3. Accessories – cast/stand, keyboard dock, Dock toVGA for LCD, TV, monitor, or projector.
4. Apps – Email, iWork- Keynote, Pages, Numbers , GoodReader, iTap -VNC client, WebEX
5. Endless app and use possibilities for remote computer access, POS, vehicle integration, and many more!

The future of iPad is promising and will increase as additional business specific apps are released with cloud based services similar to Google Docs and Dropbox allowing on-demand access to your programs and files anywhere.

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