Recently I had a chance to shoot an experimental video with Canon’s 7D digital SLR camera in extreme low light and foggy conditions. The goal was to push the 7D to the limits in 100% ambient light. The results from the video experiment is above shot with a Canon EF-S 17-85mm f/4-5.6 lens at 2500-3200ISO. Overall the video quality was impressive and outperformed any conventional video camera I have filmed with in low-light conditions. But the video quality at 1600-3200 ISO is rather noisy. If the 7D is on your acquisition list get a set of 16mm-135mm  f/1.2- f/2.0 prime lenses because you can shoot wide-open in low light with nonexistent noise at 800 ISO and increased depth of field. The 7D is ideal for any production and is already used for music videos, commercials, indie films, and documentaries. A special thanks to Derek Sine for joining the experiment. I am a Nikon guy with an arsenal of Nikon gear that could be on eBay if Nikon can’t release a Canon 7D equivalent.